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2022 Was an Extraordinary Year at Mafi Rugs
Cyrus with children of Impact A Life
In the month of November, with the purchase of every Mafi rug WE WILL DONATE AN ADDITIONAL $50 to the Impact A Life Foundation!
Impact A Life announces a new partnership in southern India!
ILF Community Partner Highlight | Scansen family
In partnership with Days For Girls, ILF has adopted a menstrual health program for young girls. In impoverished communities, girls often miss school due to lack of knowledge and resources related to their health and development. ILF’s program involves the education and supplies to keep them in school and participating in daily life!
In addition to our typical operations, a few more exciting things taking place this week:
219 surgeries over the last three months
Dental hygiene is an important but often times overlooked need in developing countries
Pictured are the players of ILF’s soccer ministry. As part of this program, players are learning the value of servant leadership
Less than 20 percent of available farmland in Sierra Leone is being used for food production
According to the CDC, only 2% of the population in Sierra Leone has access to clean, readily available drinking water, and most households lack basic sanitation. ILF provides clean and safe drinking water for communities surrounding ILF projects through 2 maintained wells. We also provide training in health and hygiene as well as toilet systems to address sanitation concerns
Over 2,000 hernia surgeries completed so far
Impact a Life Foundation increased the number of sponsored students to 200!
One of ILF’s aims in Southern India is to support local leaders financially and spiritually. Through your support, 80 leaders are given the financial means to support both their families and ministries. Spiritual support is given through resources, devotionals and Q&A with our team in the US.
Souls... Lost and Found - Cyrus' Mission Trip to Africa
Help support the Nepalese earthquake victims

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