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Mafi ProTector by Mafi



Live a Little, Because Life Happens

Your new handmade rug is a long-lasting investment. To cover those times that life happens, consider the three-year Fiber ProTector by Mafi exclusively at Seldens. Your peace of mind is worth it!

What is included?

  • Three years of worry-free protection* against covered accidents.
  • Application of the state of the art sealer by Fiber ProTector.
  • If we can’t fix it we'll refund the cost of your Protection Plan*
  • After the first three years of coverage, you can purchase an additional plan for extended durability*

What's covered?

  • Most accidental stains**, including food, beverages and bodily fluids.

*Three year plan available exclusively at Seldens Home Furnishings in Tacoma and Bellevue
**See your warranty plan for complete coverage and exclusions

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Fiber ProTector by Mafi - because life happensWhy Fiber ProTector

  • Provides easy stain release and removal
  • Prolongs the life of your area rugs
  • Effective shield against most oil and water based stain causing liquids
  • Protects against UV sun-fading
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Makes vacuuming more effective
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Prevents the spread of unwanted bacteria and germs
  • Improves professional deep cleaning, saving you time and money
  • Reduces necessary amount of chemicals and water needed for cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly


simulation of wool treated with Fiber ProTectorHow it Works

Completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment, the innovative treatment incorporates anti-microbial technology, and acts biocidically to prevent the development and spread of bacteria, while offering protection against staining and dirt retention. Fiber ProTector protection is based on nano-technological particles that have particular qualities. These have the lowest friction of any known material and build an invisible shield around each fiber, thereby
providing an effective barrier against all kinds of organic fluids, dust or debris that, on unprotected material, could result in permanent stains.

When protected, light colors can be used with confidence that would usually be hard to maintain. It also helps reduce the damaging effects of UV radiation, static electricity and other abrasions that would otherwise fade and fray fibers. As well as the practical benefits of beautiful surroundings, a clean and hygienic area helps to reduce sickness, and the treated carpets will subsequently last longer and with greater appearance retention. Once a rug has been protected, airborne irritants are defused because vacuuming becomes more efficient in these areas. 

featuring fiber ProTectorFiber ProTector products are IMO-certified by Veritas, and have been tested by independent research organization Sintef, Dunlop Precision Instruments and the Norwegian Institute of Technology. The test results approve Fiber ProTector for use on aircrafts, ships and offshore installations, where it meets the strongest requirements.

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