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Quality Custom Rugs In Seattle

When it comes to custom rugs, Seattle carpet companies offer many options, however, Mafi Rugs remains the leading provider of quality custom rugs in the local area. We have been family-owned since 1994 and we take pride in making the art of rug weaving in the far East accessible to our customers in the Pacific Northwest. We recognize that our discerning clients want the best handmade rugs and we strive to deliver exactly that while remaining true to the original artform of handcrafted custom woven rugs made by experienced artisans. When you choose one of our rugs for your home or office, you have a guarantee of quality that is simply unsurpassed.

Designed To Suit Your Style

At Mafi Rugs, we offer custom rugs that are specially designed to suit your unique style and preferences. We know that you have a choice when it comes to designer rugs Seattle companies offer and handmade rugs Seattle carpet companies provide. That is why we strive to make that choice a simple one by providing beautiful designer rugs that are carefully hand-woven in Nepal and created by skilled and experienced Himalayan rug artisans.

We use 100% Himalayan wool, natural fibers, and Shanghai silk for the ultimate in quality. We are proud to provide ultra-modern rugs Seattle interior designers and homeowners prefer. As one of the leading carpet companies in Seattle, area rugs, designer rugs, and custom rugs we sell are of exceptional quality.

Our Rugs Feature:

  • Created by the Himalayan rug artisans
  • 100% Himalayan wool, Shanghai silk, and natural fibers

Enhanced with the Mafi exclusive Masala Wash

Contact us to learn more about our custom designer rugs by calling us at (425) 450-9999.