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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use the Website to Browse Your Large Area Rugs Sale?

Many people simply scroll down the website list to view the many custom rugs we have available. Once you find something that intrigues you, click on it to learn more about it. You'll see a description of the print to ensure that it will fit into your unique space. 

We don't use sq. footage for our customized rugs. Instead, you see traditional measurements in feet, such as 2'x3'. The price is then listed directly to the right of the size.

If you're not finding something or need a particular color, you can use the filters to the left of the images. Here, you may shop rugs by color, brand, lifestyle, price, construction, content, or collection. 

Those who choose to browse by scrolling can tap the "load more rugs" button to find more perfect designs for the home. We have lots of options, and you're sure to love something!

Using the website to browse our large area rugs sale - the prices are listed to the right of the sizes.

Can I Use Multiple Filters to Find the Best Rug Possible?

Yes! We recommend that you use the filters to find a suitable rug and texture that meets all of your needs. For example, you may want a rug that is solely for outdoor use, so you don't need to see the indoor options. However, you might want a specific color or price range, and you can change those filters to meet those needs.

You can use multiple filters to find the best rug possible at

Can I Save My Favorites?

Yes! If you have a specific rug or two in mind, you can tap on the image to view more information. When ready, click the heart button toward the bottom to add the rug to your favorite list. After adding the rugs, click on the "my favorites" button at the top and view or print them. We also allow you to email them directly from the product page!

You can create and access a favorites list will browsing rugs on

What Types of Custom Rugs for Sale Will I Find Here?

Our oriental rug shop has many custom rug options available for any room. Simply decide on the style, texture, and shape you like for your space and add it to your cart. 

When you look at one of the pictures, it features appropriate information, such as the collection, name, and color. For example, we have many options for the Madison Indie version, and it comes in blue/grey, beige, dew, and other colors.

Clicking on the rug will help you see the materials used and get a better sense of the shape, texture, and style. Choose the one that's unique for your space.

Some of the many types of custom rugs you will find on our site.

Can I Create a Custom Rug Design Online? How?

If you want to create your own rug for a room, you may want to use the customize feature. Click here to begin customizing a rug with your favorite materials to match the space. No matter what style, shape, or texture you have in mind, we can find the perfect design to meet your needs!

When you start creating custom area rugs online, you will see an editor-like place. Scroll down under "designs" to see the choices offered and select the one you like. Use the visualizations tab to see how it will look in different settings, change the colors as needed, and tap the "place order" button to finish.

You can use our custom rugs application to make a custom rug by choosing the design, colors, textures, materials and size.

What Are the Thumbs-up Symbols under the Photos of Your Custom Shop Rugs?

We want people to love the rug they purchase for any room of the house. When you shop for custom size area rugs online, you will see the thumbs-up sign with a number behind it. This tells you how many other customers have liked this choice.

Blue thumbs showing likes recorded for the various rugs on our site.

When Will My Rug Ship?

When you place your order for a rug, it will often take two to five business days for processing, and then we ship it. However, delivery for the rug might be five to seven business days or longer. Be aware that custom-made rugs could take 14 weeks or more for delivery. You may contact the office for an ETA.

Our team provides tracking numbers so that you can see when the rug will arrive.

We want you to be happy with the rug you purchase for your room. Therefore, we offer free shipping with UPS for US-based residents. Some items might be too large to ship with a ground courier. In this case, we use LTL trucking. This can take longer for delivery, and the trucking company will schedule an appointment for delivery.

You rug will ship as soon as possible along with a tracking number.

Do You Offer a Return Guarantee?

If you're not satisfied with the rug you purchased, you may return it within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price or an exchange. However, custom-made rugs and personalized items aren't returnable. Still, if there was a design flaw or you received the wrong size or rug for your home, we will make it right.

Those who do require a return must follow specific guidelines on sending it back to us. You can read more about the process here.

We stand behind our products with a guarantee.

Where Are the Rug Prices Shown?

We want you to select the perfect rug for each room of your house. It must be unique and the correct size. Therefore, we leave the price off so that you can browse uninterrupted.

Once you find a rug that is perfect with the right texture, you can click on the image. The size you choose will affect the price.

If you're on a budget, we recommend using the price filter to the left of the images of the rugs. That will help you. Remember, we have lots of rug choices in many sizes, so take your time to find the best product for your needs.

Our prices are listed next to the sizes once you click on a rug.