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Choose The Most Gorgeous Designer Rugs Bellevue Has to Offer

If you are searching for the best designer rugs Bellevue has available, Mafi Rugs has a wonderful selection to choose from. We are a local industry leader offering gorgeous custom rugs to enhance your interior and elevate your decor. Since 1994, we have been the leading source of luxury rugs offering only the finest, hand-made rugs that are made of premium quality fibers. 

Our rugs will withstand the test of time and provide a beautiful and distinctive centerpiece for your interior. However, the most distinguishing feature of our rugs is that they are handmade in India, Nepal, Iran, and Turkey by experienced and skilled rug artisans. Give your home an enhanced look with the addition of one of the best handmade rugs Bellevue has to choose from.

Stickley Area Rugs

To get even more uniqueness, you can browse Stickley Area Rugs. We have exclusive rights to sell the brand's products in this region of Washington, and once you see the love that goes into their products you'll understand why they have such a loyal fan base. You've probably heard of them, but you can check them out now!

Stunning Custom Rugs in Bellevue

Mafi Rugs provides custom rug services so you can tailor your rug to match your style, design, color, and size preferences. We understand that our customers want the best modern rugs Bellevue has and the most durable and attractive designer rugs Bellevue stores can provide. That is why we offer beautiful custom rugs that are made with 100% Himalayan wool, premium New Zealand wool, cow hide, natural fibers, and Shanghai silk to ensure the best quality guaranteed. 

If you live in the local area of Bellevue, area rugs will be available at your local retail stores. However, if you want a distinguished custom rug that you can pass down for generations, nothing but the finest will do. Turn to Mafi Rugs to have your rug custom made with the Mafi guarantee of quality.

Third and Wall

Third and Wall is a reputable interior design company that we've paired with to help with design creation. You can choose any featured artwork from the brand and turn it into a customized area rug of any size or shape! Get started today!

Our Rugs Feature:

  • Created by Indian, Nepali, Iranian and Turkish rug artisans
  • 100% Himalayan wool, premium New Zealand wool, cow hide, Shanghai silk, and natural fibers
  • The option to have the rug pre-treated with Fiber ProTector by Mafi, the most effective and environmentally stain protection available


Mafi Rugs are exclusively available at the following stores

Seldens Designer Home Furnishings of Bellevue

Seldens Designer Home Furnishings of Bellevue

10708 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98004
P: 425.450.9999


Seldens Designer Home Furnishings of Tacoma

Seldens Designer Home Furnishings of Tacoma

1802 62nd Ave E, Tacoma, WA 98424
​P: 253.922.5700


Seldens Designer Home Furnishings of Olympia

Seldens Designer Home Furnishings of Olympia

220 Legion Way SE, Olympia, WA 98501
​P: 360.357.5531


Bassett Home Furnishings of Tacoma

Bassett of Tacoma

1802 62nd Ave E, Tacoma, WA 98424
​P: 888.239.5758


Administration Office
14900 Interurban Ave. S. Ste# 285
Seattle, WA 98168
P: 800.719.6840

Receiving Center
Mafi International Rugs
1802 62nd Ave. East
Tacoma, WA 98424

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Advantages of Selecting Custom Rugs Bellevue Stores Offer?

Are you wondering why you should consider area rugs? Bellevue residents can enjoy these benefits:

  • Get the size and style you want with the largest area rug selection in the Northwest
  • Protect your flooring
  • Have something to pass down through the generations

Do You Offer Rug Cleaning in Bellevue?

Yes, we offer the service of area rug cleaning. Bellevue residents can make an appointment and pick the time that meets their needs best.

Our business offers a five-star service for area rug cleaning. Bellevue, WA, residents understand that specialty or hand-made rugs differ in dye lots, fibers, and construction, and so do we! Therefore, we hand-wash everything.

Keep your beautiful design looking excellent in your home with our good work! Your rug will be handled with care. Proper and professional rug cleaning is a time-consuming process, so depending on the job, it might take up to a week or two to complete everything. However, you'll be able to hand down the rug for many generations with confidence.

Can You Put Area Rugs on Top of Carpet?

Yes! Carpeting is great, but it might be plain or unadorned, so it's wise to consider area rugs. Bellevue, WA, residents can save time and make their home look amazing. Whether it's for a business or the owner of a home, a rug is a great thing for any room! Pick your favorite one now!

Why Should I Choose Your Bellevue Rug Store?

We want to be your favorite rug store. Bellevue residents often turn to our business in WA because they know they will experience the largest area rug selection in the Northwest and get great service. In fact, we do what it takes to serve each person and are available when you need us, even on a Monday morning!

How Will Rug Stores in Bellevue, WA, Benefit Me?

Why might you visit rug stores? Bellevue, WA, residents could need a rug for various reasons. Whether you want to visit one of the stores that exclusively showcases our products or prefer to create your own, we help you review your options and select something gorgeous!

How Do Your Rugs in Bellevue, WA, Impact the World?

When you purchase a rug from our business, not only are you supporting families and villages that have created area rugs for generations, but also discouraging child labor practices, purchasing eco-friendly fibers, and you're supporting the Impact a Life Foundation. Read more about it now.

Do You Send Installers to Handle the Carpet?

In most cases, we will send installers to homes or businesses. These rugs don't have to be glued, taped, or nailed down, though a rug pad is often recommended. Likewise, we help deliver the rug to you, making us the top choice!

Should I Get Fabric Protector for My Carpet?

Fiber Protector is our revolutionary system that features nanotechnology particles that reduce friction and protect fibers. The formula conforms to every fiber to create an invisible shield. It's available for use on carpets, rugs, and other fabrics.

When Will My Items Get Delivered?

We usually process orders in two to five business days, and you should receive the item in one to two weeks. However, some special orders and custom-made options may take several months to be delivered. Please contact us for more information.

I Need a Specific Design for My Home and Can't Find It. Can You Help?

Yes! Contact us for assistance!

Do You Offer Repair Work?

We do repair and restore rugs. However, depending on how severe the damage is, you may consider purchasing a new rug from one of our collection options.

Where Can I Read Reviews about Your Products and Company?

We do have reviews from past clients, which are found here.

What Is Third and Wall and Stickley?

We're proud to be the exclusive supplier of Stickley Area Rugs is Bellevue and the greater Seattle area

At Mafi Rugs, we are proud to exclusively offer the Stickley line to our clients in the greater Seattle area! These hand-made area rugs are of the highest quality and style. Learn more about Stickley products, including what makes it them unique and well-made, here.

Mafi Rugs is also an exclusive partner with Third and Wall as part of our custom rug program. A program three years in the making, Mafi Signature Custom allows for any featured art by Third and Wall to be hand made into an area rug customized in 1200 colors and any shape and size. You will love the experience! Learn more about Third and Wall here.