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Choose Gorgeous Olympia Rugs for Your Home

Are you searching for a timeless rug design for your dining room or another part of the home? Our Olympia rugs are the best choice! Mafi Rugs has an excellent selection available, boasting vogue character appeal. Whether you want mod décor preferences or an antique patina, they will wow the crowd.

We're an industry leader of area rugs Olympia craves. You can choose fashion colors, evocative motifs, and something of high style. 

Since 1994, we've been the leading source for people to buy rugs in Olympia, WA. Our luxury rugs are hand-made of the finest and most premium fibers. They withstand the test of time and offer centerpiece pizazz for your interior!

We've also paired with Stickley Area Rugs and have exclusive rights to sell this brand's products in Olympia. This is your perfect chance to buy area rugs that look amazing and beautiful. Check them out now.

Our team also works with Third and Wall, which is a highly reputable interior design company with beautiful artwork from world-reknown artists. If you want rugs boasting vogue character with high style and comfort underfoot, you should use this service. Choose a piece of featured artwork you like and turn it into a customized Olympia rug for your home. Get started now!

Stunning Custom Rugs

Our Olympia collection area rugs are the perfect solution because you get a timeless rug design in fashion colors or evocative motifs. Whether you prefer centerpiece pizazz, mod décor preferences, or something boasting vogue character with an antique patina, we provide comfort underfoot.

You don't have to visit our store to get an Olympia collection rug. Search online and create a beautiful room with your favorite colors.

When you choose to work with us, you know you're getting 100 percent natural fibers, Himalayan wool, premium New Zealand Wool, cow hide, and Shanghai silk in the area rugs. Olympia, WA residents are sure to enjoy the search for the perfect product. 

Benefits of Our Olympia Rugs

When you choose our rug options, you get these advantages:

  • Excellent performance in bedrooms and everywhere else
  • Easy care
  • Timeless rug design
  • Evocative motifs
  • Fashion colors
  • High style
  • Mod décor preferences
  • Comfort underfoot
  • Antique patina
  • Centerpiece pizazz

It's easy to choose an area rug for the bedroom, and we have many items in stock. However, you can also create your own rug that will be classy and fit your needs well.

Other Services

Customization is often one of the things people love about our company because you can think outside the box and have the power to decide. We offer many ideas so that you may create similar items from some of our rug options or completely do your own thing.

Whether it's in the bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, you will likely require other services, which include:

Fiber Protector

Fiber Protector is a revolutionary system created by Mafi Rugs using nanotechnology particles. These have lower friction, and the formula will encapsulate each fiber of the fabric to create an invisible shield. This protects the rug from fluids and oil-based spills, repelling stains, dirt, UV rays, and more. Keep your room looking beautiful!

Rug Cleaning

Olympia residents often find that their rugs look forlorn after a while. However, we offer cleaning services. We use a hand-cleaning process, which includes:

  • A phone estimate to schedule a time for area rug cleaning. Olympia, WA, residents should note that it takes up to 14 days, but rush processing could be available.
  • Pre-hand vacuuming
  • Hand cleaning and fringe brightening
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Hand-grooming for the natural and soft texture
  • Controlled air-drying process
  • Quality inspection, rolling, and tying

Are you ready to experience the power and performance of an Olympia rug? Request assistance today!

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