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2022 Was an Extraordinary Year at Mafi Rugs

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2022 Was an Extraordinary Year at Mafi Rugs

With its amazing rewards and unique challenges, 2022 was an extraordinary year at Mafi Rugs!

It was also an opportunity to demonstrate Mafi's Core Values in action:

  1. The customer comes first
    Our core belief of being customer-centered has brought us new relationships as we cultivate the old ones. Projects completed: 390
  2. We do whatever it takes to serve our clients
    Our commitment to product quality has helped us to be the leading provider of custom rugs in the Puget Sound region. Custom rugs sold: 934 | Ontime delivery: 96.8%
  3. We demonstrate personal integrity in all we do
    Nothing less than 100% client satisfaction is acceptable, but don’t take our word for it. Customer satisfaction rating: 5 stars across all search engines and social platforms
  4. We never make excuses
    We take pride in assisting our clients through the entire project and taking care of their concerns even after the sale.
  5. We believe in teamwork
    You’ve heard the saying “it takes a village,” but for us it takes the teamwork of a global community. From the rug artisans in the near and far east, the foothills of Norway where we source our Fiber Protector, to the avid interior design and art community of our region, Mafi brings a unique experience in rug design and production. As Cyrus Mafi likes to remind us,

Rug weaving is a melody of artistic skills and craftsmanship passed through the generations. We can fully appreciate a rug only when we admire the heart of the artisans behind it.

Explore the Third and Wall Rug Collection
Explore the Mafi Signature Custom Collection

Most importantly “Mafi Gives Back”
Our mission wouldn’t be meaningful without giving back to the very same communities that are the heart behind our products. In 2007, Cyrus formed the Impact A Life Foundation to help fulfill the basic needs of the underprivileged communities in Nepal, India, and Africa by providing education, drinking water, Hygiene and medical care. Since a portion of every sale at Mafi Rugs goes to the Impact A Life Foundation, your design projects and purchases of Mafi products makes a powerful global impact.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Development of 200 new acres of sustainable farmland
  • 50,000 pounds of harvested rice
  • Development of schools serving 300 students K-8th grade
  • 600 meals provided to students a week
  • Over 2,000 lifesaving surgeries
  • Over 2,500 salvations and baptisms

Learn more at

With 2022 in our rearview mirror, we're excited to grow from this and impact even more homes and lives in 2023, and we thank you in advance for being part of the journey.

From the entire Mafi Rugs team,

Cyrus Mafi


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