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ILF Status update: 10/11/22

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In addition to our typical operations, a few more exciting things taking place this week:

In addition to our typical operations, a few more exciting things taking place this week:

  • 10 more hernia repair surgeries 
  • New Holistic Outreach 
  • Children’s program in India

Please keep our teams in India and Sierra Leone in your prayers.


ILF's vision is to empower, engage, and grow leaders so that they may lead their communities out of the depths of poverty, become self-sustaining, and rise up to lead future generations in a Gospel-centered environment.

Simply by supporting Mafi Rugs you are joining us in this effort; Mafi Rugs will match a portion of your purchase and/or any additional contribution. 

To learn more, and to see how you can further make an impact, visit


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