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You can still be friends with red wine and coffee!

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You can still be friends with red wine and coffee!

Red wine and coffee. Many of us start and end our days with them. And why not? Studies have shown that in moderation both may be beneficial in small doses, they’re great until they tip over. We’ve all done it, and watched in horror as the liquid tumbles from our glass. Red wine and coffee, once our dear friends, have become our enemy, staining our beloved sofa or rug. We’ve had clients so traumatized by this moment that they’ve banned coffee and wine from leaving the kitchen. We want you to be able to enjoy wine and coffee without fear. That’s why Mafi offers fiber protection. With Fiber Protector by Mafi, stains don’t permeate into the fibers.

With Fiber Protector by Mafi, stains don’t permeate into the fibers. 

After lockdown we had a few clients call us weeks after spilling red wine on rugs which had been treated with fiber protection. The stains came off immediately, despite having plenty of time to set.

Fiber protector works by forming a barrier around the fibers. It can be used to treat any soft surface, even leather. It isn’t silicone based, so it won’t cause any yellowing or discoloration. Because there is a protective barrier covering the fiber the piece becomes much easier to clean, since nothing is able to soak into the fiber itself. The barrier also prevents mold and mildew growth. The ease of cleaning improves indoor air quality, dust and allergens sit on top of the material, not in it, so vacuuming is more effective.

Keeping your materials dirt free is a great way to extend the life of your pieces. When dirt particles are ground into fibers it starts to break them down. This is why regular vacuuming is important for upholstery and rugs. Fiber protection keeps the dirt on top of the fiber. It also offers UV protection, which makes your piece resistant to fading.

At Mafi our clients are our number one priority. We want you to love your home and enjoy it with peace of mind that your investment is protected from all of life’s little accidents.

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