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The Best Colors to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

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The Best Colors to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

Space is a funny thing; it can generate many different feelings and cause us a lot of stress if we don't feel comfortable with how to decorate the space properly. Many homeowners have to deal with at least one living space that is small or can feel small with the wrong paint colors. The color of the room can make or break the feel due to it's potential dominance and large pallet to work with. After the wall color, the next largest area to consider is your flooring or carpeting. Using the right colors in an area rug can play just as important of a role in creating the overall feel of your space as your walls will.

There is a big trend in small spaces and Tiny Houses at the moment, that has generated a needed conversation to help create color pallets to help provide a larger feel for smaller spaces. Thanks to Elle Décor for working with our neighbors at Trulia, we have 4 very neutral colors that will absolutely make any space feel bigger. "Four shades topped the list as the best all-around colors to make a space feel larger, including three soft neutrals: PPG Paints Swirling Smoke, Benjamin Moore Cloud White, and Farrow & Ball Skylight. Surprisingly, a deeper shade — Benjamin Moore Hale Navy — made the cut as well."

Using the colors in the recommended pallet, Mafi's Signature 16 program allows us to create the right color combination to continue the feel of the walls to visually expand the look of the room. A design tip to help with walls is to paint the trim or border the same color as the walls, as to not box off or create the feel of limiting the wall color. Mafi International recommends the same concept when creating a rug. Eliminate the border and choose a continual pattern that extends past the actual rug to pull your eyes past the edge and through the room. View more options in the Mafi Signature 16 collection.


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