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Sail the Majestic Sea With Mafi International Rugs

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Sail the Majestic Sea With Mafi International Rugs

Our Team at Mafi International embarked on an amazing design installation today! We met the owners of Mon Amour, a curvilinear beauty of a yacht, at their Westlake marina to place several hand-knotted rugs. When designing rugs around a functional, moving space, a perfect balance space planning, fabrics and existing finishes come into play.

Another consideration is how the ever-moving light effects the design.Yachts present a unique design challenge where the selection of colors is very important. Unlike land-based structures, yachts are always moving on the sea. The light issues are therefore different, the sun moves round the sky and your yacht.  Rich cherry wood is featured throughout the yacht and cream and classic navy accompany the warm wood finishes. We chose one pattern in several different sizes to fit the floor plan perfectly, creating harmony and texture throughout the upper and lower deck. The cream wall to wall carpet really made the navy rug, woven in a nouveau traditional design, pop with regal splendor.

Sail the Majestic Sea With Mafi International Rugs for your yacht or home away from home!

In the before and after montage shown above, the interior design all come together to create a rich sophisticated look, combined with relaxed feel. The high gloss of the cherry wood marries well with the caramel wool and the navy grounds the space and absorbs the light thought the day. It’s a remarkable feat of styling to provide the owners their own private paradise while providing a home away from home. Whether it is an outdoor on-deck rug project or an interior yacht design, Mafi International Rugs will coordinate with your yacht design and collaborate to meet your highest standards and expectations.

Sail the Majestic Sea With Mafi International Rugs for your yacht or home away from home!

The owners of the Mon Amour are heading North to Friday Harbor soon to wait for crab season, then off towards the swelling Columbia River for Summer fun. To schedule a rug consultation concerning yacht design, contact Mafi International for an appointment. Bon Voyage Mon Amour!

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