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Recycled Sari Silk Rugs

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Recycled Sari Silk Rugs


Here is a stunning collection of inspiring interior design pairings, a global mix that  traverses through countries, combining recycled sari silk, Arteriors  accessories and Stickley Furniture.The vibrant sari silk is recycled, and blended with wool and cotton. The yarns react to natural dyes differently and create a complex striated affect. The weavers hand-knot these yarns into flat weave carpets similar to Dhurrie rugs, which create a rich balance of deep jewel tones and naturally colored fibers.


I have traveled to many locations throughout the years, and I have collected a cornucopia of worldly delights with the best intention of showcasing my finds in my home. my bounty of home accessories always ends in the closet, shining bright like a diamond, where only I have the viewing pleasure. What I realized is that I need a conduit to connect my global cache of goods, and these richly textured Sari rugs are the perfect vessel to accomplish just that.

From the solid oak furnishings made by the iconic American company, Stickley Furniture, to the style setting, global mix of Arteriors accessories, our jewel toned  Mafi International Sari Silk collection will infuse a dynamic energy to your home design.

So gather all of cherished memories of long lost voyages, and choose from one of our  many richly hued rug Sari Silk designs, which will bridge your road once traveled with future design endeavors!





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