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Pet Friendly Rugs

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Pet Friendly Rugs with the Masala Wash

Are you afraid to let your pets on your area rugs? 

For most pet owners our fury friends are a valued part of our families, and we enjoy spending time with them inside the house. We have had many pet owners fall in love with one our quality handmade rugs, only to hesitate out of fear of their pets, or young children, having an accident on the rug and ruining it. 

The Mafi Signature 16 collection is constructed out of the highest quality materials that will withstand common wear and tear for hundreds of years.  While we can’t do anything about your children we do have a solution to deter pets from having accidents, found only in our Signature 16 Collection; The Masala Wash, which is the industry’s first patented herbal wash. 

This unique blend of Lavender, Aloe Vera, and Aloo; create an all-natural protection for your custom rug from Mafi International.  Each of the selected plants provide a valuable benefit to the protection and longevity the rug, providing you with many enjoyable years of use. 

Lavender:  You can find lavender oil in pillows, sleep aids, and room sprays for relaxation; but the mild and pleasant scent will also provide a repellant to help discourage your pets for using the rug as a substitute for a toilet.

Aloe Vera:  Best known as an anti-inflammatory in our summertime relief from sunburns, this plant is also known for its healing qualities in lotions, and provides both anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities.  Used in our Masala Wash, Aloe Vera not only provides a softer texture to the touch, but it limits and controls bacterial growth and minimizes shedding.

Aloo:  A wild plant found in the Himalayan mountains between the elevations of 5,500-8,500 feet.  Aloo is used for food as well as for home remedies to relieve headaches and fevers.  The plant has been used in Himalayan tribes in textiles and fabrics as an alternative to silk, and it also provides a resin extract which is used in our Masala Wash that protects against moth damage.

While nothing can make a rug indestructible, our patented Masala Wash provides many all natural protections not found in any other rugs on the market.  So if you are still debating your rug purchase because you are worried about your pets…you can feel comfortable now with letting them enjoy the rug as much if not more than you will. 

Please check out our newest style of our Mafi Signature 16 Collection here.


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