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2015 Summer Trends: Gelato Anyone?

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Gelato Collection

Imagine creamy mango flavored waves and swirls cascading and drizzled with a vibrant lemon sauce and garnished with fresh, juicy raspberries – Enticing right? But almost too beautiful to eat! Save the calories and gain design inspiration with a bold and delicious gelato palette! Bursting with saturated colors and bold designs, the Mafi International Gelato Rug Collection adds a vibrant and sensory awakening touch. When paired with tempering gray or bright white the exciting colors burst with energy and keep the design fresh. The Arteriors accessories are the perfect accompaniment to round out this uplifting color palette. 

Gelato Collect: Mafi International

Our custom rug program at Mafi International allows us the freedom the infuse your design colors into our hand-knotted rugs and with 600 color poms to choose from, the sky is the limit. Another amazing feature is the ability to create custom sizes to fit your floor plan. Oversized, small spaces, square, round or custom runners, we will work with you to fit your needs. From  yachts to mega mansions, we have you covered.

Gelato Collection

Because the Mafi International  showroom is located at the Seattle Design Center, the Mecca of NW design, we are privy to the latest design trends and finest products. I took a spin around the SDC and found an array  of brilliant fabrics  to compliment our Gelato Collection. I scored over at Duralee with their Clark and Clark fabric collection. The colors are lush and the designs are  decidedly bold and graphic without overwhelming the Mafi International rug design. I sourced gorgeous wall coverings at The Dixon Group. For a European touch, I found beautiful Designers Guild -  French  inspired wall coverings by Osborne & Little to add a little romance ( a hot 2015 design trend) and a feminine balance to the Graphic Gelato Collection.


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