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Bohemian Rugs

Wanderlust vibe with global inspired designs

Mafi’s Bohemian rug designs are both whimsical and stylish using mostly natural fibers and colors. From Moroccan to tribal and southwest style Mafi’s Bohemian rug collections will offer an artistic yet wanderlust vibe with a selection of global inspired designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Help Me Choose the Perfect Boho Style, Patterns, and Rug Size for My Bedroom Decor?

If you are looking for expert advice on how to pick out the right Bohemian layered rugs, Mafi Rugs is the best place to find it. Our extensive collection of Bohemian area rugs goes well with just about any type of bedroom decor you have. 

We have experts in Bohemian rugs who will know the perfect Boho rug to go with your decor, and can help you choose which one is best for your needs.

Our website is also easy to use, so you can sit down at home and go through all the Boho rugs we have using the filters available to narrow down your search. When you have found the area rug that you want, simply add it to your cart and head over to the checkout page to complete the payment.

We have experts in Bohemian rugs who will know the perfect Boho rug to go with your decor, and can help you choose which one is best for your needs.

What Is the Link Between Your Boho Rugs and the Impact a Life Foundation (ILF)?

At Mafi Rugs, Bohemian rugs are not the only thing we care about. We also do a lot of work with charity, so every time you buy a Bohemian outdoor rug or any other type of area rug, you will know that you are doing your bit to make the world a better place.

The Impact a Life Foundation is significantly funded by the sales of rugs, such as our Boho rugs, so go to the website and learn more about this charity initiative.

How Do I Know That the Bohemian Rug I Bought Is Authentic?

Whether you buy a Bohemian kitchen rug or any of our Bohemian outdoor rugs, one thing we can guarantee is that all our Boho rugs are authentic. We do this by making sure we deal with only the best and most reliable Boho rug manufacturers and weaving centers.

When you buy Boho rugs from our site, you know they will last long due to the high-quality materials used, such as premium wool, cotton, viscose, or polypropylene.

Do Vibrant Colors Work Well With a Smaller Rug in Living Rooms?

There are many styles, patterns, and different shades of light or dark colors that you can choose from when buying a Boho rug to complement your furniture and for decorating your living room in the best way possible.

However, unlike when you buy a large Bohemian rug, such as a Bohemian rug 9x12, with smaller Boho rugs you can be more adventurous with the Boho style and color you pick for your area rug.

This is because a small Boho rug will not dominate the entire room with its pattern design and bright colors in the same way larger area rugs would. That means you can go for any color that you want for your rug, from ivory to pink, the choice is yours.

What Types of Bohemian Rugs Do You Sell?

We have one of the largest collections of Boho-style area rugs you will find anywhere online. If you are looking for large area rugs, such as an 8x10 Bohemian rug, or you want a smaller area rug with an intricate pattern, tassels, and vibrant colors, such as orange or yellow, we have what you need.

Our collection of area rugs is so large that you will need to use the filters on the left of your page to make the selection process easier. 

You can zone in on the Boho area rug that you want by specifying the shapes, colors, materials, patterns, and other specifics. This will leave you with a manageable number of Bohemian area rugs to choose from.

How Do I Buy the Right Natural Materials for My Boho Rug From Your Website?

Your choice of area rug material is very important when buying Boho area rugs, which is why we have made the process as easy as possible. You need to consider the use of the room, the style you are going for, and the decor that will be surrounding your area rug.

You can then choose from the list of available materials for Boho area rugs, such as wool, cotton, viscose, and polypropylene. If you are not sure which is the right material for your area rug, we are here to assist!