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Pantone's 2016 Color(s) of the Year!

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Mafi Signature 16 in Pantone's colors of the year 2016

Preppies around the world rejoiced as Pantone announced their annual Color of the Year… which this time resulted in 2 colors. The soft warmth of the pink Rose Quartz coupled with the slightly more cool hue of the blue Serenity, are both shown here in the two rug choices from the Mafi Signature 16 Collection; both demonstrating the range of options available in our full custom line of area rugs. The lighter shades of pink and blue have long been a staple in the preppy wardrobe, and as stated in The Original Preppy Handbook “pink shirts or red pants might be considered a little peculiar; Preppies take it for granted”. We preppies are trained from birth that choosing the right style and colors are just as important as choosing high quality materials like virgin wool. Since most preppy styles can be worn year after year, these are very important life lessons. The Mafi Signature 16 rugs shown here provide the highest quality virgin wool, along with styles and colors that are timeless. 

Pantone’s new dueling colors immediately bring us a variety of styles to design with. Thanks to Elle Décor for their room concepts exemplifying a monochromatic style for each color individually, as this helps us conceptualize the look in an everyday setting. It may seem overwhelming, at first glance, yet together we see style reminiscent of a classic Lilly Pulitzer Shift dress that just screams Spring time and warm sunshine. It is without question that we will see these color combinations in all Spring of 2016 fashion shows; at your golf course, or the local city club while drinking our morning Bloodies. It's seen in our daily lives everywhere from school notebooks to the Vickers Bow, from head bands to swim trunks, and especially in our interior design. Get prepped for 2016 with Mafi Signature Rugs, designed just for you, or check out even more options from Mafi International Rugs!



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