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Modern Area Rugs vs. Contemporary Area Rugs

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Modern Area Rugs vs. Contemporary Area Rugs

If you are an interior designer looking for ways to spice up your projects with some stylish and versatile rugs, you may have come across the terms contemporary and modern. But do you know what they mean and how they differ? Both modern and contemporary rugs are minimalist in approach and avoid busy patterns, but they differ in their mood, tone and use of color.

In this post we will explore the characteristics of modern and contemporary rugs.

Modern Area Rugs

  • Modern area rugs are inspired by mid-century design and often feature warm colors, cozy textures, organic shapes and geometric patterns.
  • Modern area rugs often feature warm colors, cozy textures, organic shapes and geometric patterns. For example, a mid-century modern rug may have a flat weave with a line drawing design, a shaggy texture with a rainbow pattern, or a printed design with an abstract motif.

Here are some examples of Modern Rugs from the Allure | Ehren CollectionMafi Signature | Damas Collection, Mafi Signature | Gelato Collection, and Third and Wall | K. Nari Collection:

Examples of Modern Area Rugs from Mafi Rugs

Contemporary Area Rugs

  • Contemporary rugs are influenced by current trends and styles.
  • Contemporary area rugs often feature neutral colors, bold contrasts, statement pieces and abstract lines. For example, a contemporary rug may have a watercolor effect with gold and birch tones, a celestial theme with sea life colors, or a cream and navy combination with an oriental pattern.

Here are some examples of Modern Rugs from the Third and Wall | Dina D'Argo Collection, Regal | Jnana CollectionMafi Signature | Cosmos Collection, and Third and Wall | Randy Hibberd Collection:

Examples of Contemporary Area Rugs from Mafi Rugs

Contemporary rugs are designed with a more trendsetting style in mind, while modern rugs have a more traditional design. Contemporary rug designs may include bold colors, geometric shapes or patterns that are often asymmetrical, whereas modern rug designs are typically symmetrical and have less color variation.

Whether you want to create a cozy, warm atmosphere or a sleek, sophisticated one, there is a rug style for you!


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