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Mafi International welcomes Christopher Flynn

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Mafi International welcomes Christopher Flynn

Mafi International is pleased to welcome the addition of Christopher Flynn as the new Show Room Manager in our Seattle Design Center location.

Christopher Flynn joins Mafi International with 25 years of furniture and design, and his in-depth understanding of business relationships. His expertise in:

  • residential and commercial luxury interior design
  • award winning visual merchandising
  • national and international design influence

...will enhance Mafi International's strong team philosophy of forward thinking, as well sustaining and expanding on our existing market share.

Christopher Lawrence Flynn  is known for his residential and commercial luxury interior design as well as his award winning visual merchandising aesthetic. Christopher has worked nationally and internationally and draws from his extensive travels to fuse design influences from around the world.

"I love what I do and it is a joy to have an inspirational influence through my designs that can stimulate others and hopefully tap into my clients own creative ideas and passions to bring them to the forefront of their lives," says Christopher. Today Christopher resides in Seattle and has plans to design and develop his own furniture, lighting, and accessory line in the near future.

"I am looking forward to my partnership with Mafi International and Stickley furniture, along with being of service to the wonderful Pacific NW design community."

Cheers ~ Christopher



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