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Five tips and tricks for designers on social media

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Five tips and tricks for designers for designers on social media

Interested in improving your social media presence. Here are five tips and tricks to give your 2023 social media a boost.

Clients only see a tip of the iceberg...

Tip 1: Go behind the scenes
Clients only see a tip of the iceberg. Time to show your followers what it’s like (to be you). Snap a quick behind the scenes photo and add a witty caption. A picture of a desk, office space, your day’s agenda, or that morning cup of coffee is a simple way to add a little personal touch to your social media profiles. You can even take it a little further with a shot of you picking out area rugs with your customer, or decorating the walls of a house.

Tip 2: Revive an old post
Pick out a post that did well previously, and post and re-share it to remind your followers it’s still around. Need an excuse? Take advantage of re-posting something on a "Throwback Thursday", pull out an older blog to share, or wait till the right time to revive something seasonally appropriate.

Tip 3: Share something unrelated to your decorating business
Talk about something that totally fits your brand and is uniquely you. Try an inspirational or funny quote, a beautiful landscape, a well-designed room, or a trendy idea you have. Are you excited with your new shoes or handbag? Over the top with a recent meal, recipe, or glass of wine that matches your image to a “T”?. Snap a photo and share your story on Instagram.

Tip 4: Share a resource
Show you’re a real authority in interior design by sharing some of your own tips, tricks, or resources with your followers. Any image-centric content will score big with your audience. Explain what your services include (e.g. home staging). Share some helpful tools on working with realtors, vendors, and buying or selling a house. All great content and very chic!

Tip 5: Tag a client or vendor
Share parts of your life to increase engagement with other users by tagging clients and business vendors you’ve previously worked with. Try tagging your most recent design client, your antique furniture boutique, or custom area rug merchant (Mafi Rugs, perhaps?) in a tweet about a house redesign. Tag a local home improvement outlet to compliment them on a new development or logo. Remember, if you're including your clients name, social media handle, photos, or videos in your post, make sure you get their permission first. Now, that you have a better idea what to post, next month we’ll guide you to the best social media platforms to engage your marketplace.


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