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Caring for your outdoor area rug

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Caring for your outdoor area rug

Bringing splashes of color and pattern to even the most manicured of yards, outdoor rugs help define where you will be enjoying and relaxing over the summer months with your family and friends. Outdoor rugs from Mafi International are made of synthetic fibers, making them stain resistant, decreasing sun fading, and making them easier to clean. However, to get your outdoor rugs to last and stay looking beautiful it does not hurt to know how to clean and take care of them. Fortunately, your outdoor rug will generally require little maintenance over the summer to keep looking vibrant.

Here are some easy tips to keep your outdoor rugs beautiful for many summers to come: 

  • Blot small spills immediately with a white towel or cloth (never rub the spill). 
  • For large spills, use a garden hose to rinse and dry thoroughly in sunlight.
  • Tape down lifted edges with double-sided tape to keep guests from tripping.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as they may fade your rug.
  • If your rug is outside in heavy rain, make sure to flip it over so it can dry both front and back.
  • Occasionally wash off thoroughly with a garden hose, and allow the carpet to dry completely before vacuuming. Do not forget to flip over and dry both sides.
  • Vacuum regularly to remove dust, dirt and debris. This will help prevent the chance of mold, moss, or algae to grow.
  • When the sunny season is over, make sure your rug is dry and well vacuumed. Then, roll it up and store in a covered area or garage to avoid unnecessary fading or damage.
  • One option at the end of the summer is to have it professionally cleaned before going into storage.

Follow these easy tips to keep outdoor rugs apart of your personal oasis! You can find outdoor rugs at our Seldens of Tacoma or Seldens of Bellevue locations.

Outdoor rugs from Mafi International can help to keep your outdoors a personal oasis!



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